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Facts about Reno

Reno is considered “The Biggest Little City in The World”. It is a city in the state of Nevada that is mostly known for its casinos and for being the birthplace of the Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Outside of Las Vegas, Reno is the most populous city in the state of Nevada and has a population around 230,000 people. Before the 1950s, Reno was actually considered the gambling capital of the United States. Did you know that the first non-human who could communicate through sign language was actually a chimp named Washoe who was raised in Reno? He learned about 350 different signs in order to communicate. Reno also holds the Guinness World Record for the most amount of people to play checkers at the same time. It was estimated that there were approximately 540 people playing at the same time. In Reno, it is actually illegal to say a bad word or multiple bad words in front of a dead body.


Moving to Reno


Reno has a humid climate. The highest temperature is approximately 90 degrees while the lowest is 23 degrees. It also features 252 sunny days, 10 inches of rain and 24 inches of snow per year.


Arts and Culture

Reno offers multiple different museums and galleries. The best museums are the Nevada Museum of Art, (160 W Liberty St) a museum dedicated to sharing the history and art of painters and artists worldwide who live in Reno. Then there is the Reno Automotive Museum. (10 Lake St) This automotive museum offers displays and exhibits of automobiles that were once used.


Unpakt’s Most Recommended

Rancho San Rafael Reginal Park (1595 N Sierra St)
This park was once a full-time ranch and now it has been transformed into a beloved park that locals and tourists love and enjoy. It features recreational areas as well as a full botanical garden.

Great Full Gardens-Midtown (555 S Virginia St)
A healthy, focused restaurant using ingredients from its greenhouse to make your favorite dishes.

The Summit (13925 S Virginia St #212)
The perfect place to find multiple stores that have everything you need from clothing to accessories. As well as an extensive food court and even a movie theater.


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