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Facts about Baton Rouge

Protected from seasonal flooding by the Istrouma Bluff, Louisiana's capital and second largest city thrives atop the Mississippi Delta. Baton Rouge, French for "Red Stick," was named in 1699 by the French explorer, Pierre Le Moyne. The origins of the name deriving from a painted marker denote the city’s rich maritime history. The Baton Rouge is said to have been a 30-foot pole painted in the city’s colors and decorative fish bones. Boasting a culturally diverse population, which is on the rise, Baton Rouge is home to several emerging and established economic markets.

Combined with a wealth of artistic hot spots, such as the LSU Museum of Art and the Baton Rouge gallery, the city has earned coveted positions in both Portfolio magazine's "Top Ten Places for Young Adults" and Brooking's Top 20 cities in North America. Having been settled by various European nations and African peoples, the city’s heartland is home to a mix of Southern Louisianan cultures. Each February, this is seen when the city hosts an array of Mardi Gras parades. The annual event includes everything from beautifully decorated floats and costumed dancers to marching bands. Baton Rouge's flamboyant culture displays itself prominently in the city's dining scene. Whether it be Mexican or Creole, the flavors of the South reflect the best of The Red Stick's cultural heritage.


Moving to Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge has a humid climate. Visitors can expect mild winters and hot and humid summers.


Arts and Culture

A growing collection of venues, centered in downtown Baton Rouge, host several international exhibitions. The city has several designated arts and cultural districts, with the most prominent being Mid-City Cultural District and the Perkins Road Arts district.


Unpakt’s Most Recommended

Perkins Road Community Park (7122 Perkins Rd)
With skate parks, cycling trails. and even rock climbing, there is something for everyone at this spacious city park.

Parrain's Seafood Restaurant (3225 Perkins Rd)
Serving local seafood cooked up in a Louisianan recipe with rustic porch seating.

Louie's Café (3322 Lake St)
Boasting excellent customer service, this retro LSU fixture has been serving diners since the 1940s.

Jerry Lee's Cajun Foods Best Boudin (12181 Greenwell Springs Rd)
A unique butcher supplying high-quality products for all occasions. A must visit for anyone looking for a taste of Baton Rouge.


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