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Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Got a lot of stuff and too little space to store them all? Here are 5 storage tips for small spaces.

Tip #1:

Please for the love of sanity’s sake throw your stuff away. Trust us, no one likes a hoarder. The best way to maximize a small space is to de-clutter your life! This is the simplest, and most cutthroat way to get the job done. Leave the excess behind, we beg of you.

Tip #2:

Next up, for all those vertically challenged folk out there we apologize for this tip it’s gonna’ hit you right where you can’t reach. In small spaces, your best plan is to try and use up all the space available to you including wall space. Hanging shelves can be extremely useful to organize your stuff. Paperwork and the miscellaneous items can be easily hidden away with the use of a hanging file folder. Photos, artwork, and reminder papers can be displayed on a bulletin board or a magnetic board; these are very inexpensive methods to clear off those countertops!

Tip #3:

Two words; storage containers. If you are truly committed to de-cluttering your small space, you are going to have to fully embrace the storage container. Storage containers will save your life. Small closet? Take out your winter clothes and put them in a storage box for the summer and vice versa. Shove it all under the bed and guess what… out of sight out of mind! This is one of the oldest tricks straight out of the collegiate dormer’s handbook.
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Tip #4:

The trickiest of the tricksters will already know this tip and they will hate us for revealing their secret but here it comes. Furniture can be used as a storage space. Whoa, mind blown. Are you not so tricky tricksters confused? Let us enlighten you. There is furniture out there that doubles as storage space. Hollow ottomans, beds with drawers underneath, even couches where the cushions lift up to reveal buried treasure or in other words STORAGE. Take advantage of these tricky items they can be a lifesaver.

Tip #5:

We also know that you fools out there are busy getting your life together, so we’re gonna’ help you out with something a lot of people struggle with. Time management. One of the main issues with cleaning up and organizing your space is when are you going to have the time to devote to the project? If you’re like us you’re a bit ADD and have trouble finishing what you start, songs, homework, relationships…too real? We agree. Anyway, organizing doesn’t have to be completed all at once. Take it a little bit at a time and begin the transition but don’t overwhelm yourself. If you get scared or stressed don’t worry, the Hutch team is here to hold your hand.

Sincerely yours,
The Hutch team