Top Startups to Work for in Madison

Top Startups in Madison

The university town of Madison, Wisconsin has emerged in recent years as a real hotbed for technological innovation and creativity. Known for its biotech and agricultural industries, Madison began its hi-tech incarnation in the late 90s with a handful of budding startups. Twenty years down the road two of those innovators matured into well-established arrowheads- Sonic Foundry and gaming company Raven Software, and a climate of ingenuity has taken over the city. This burgeoning scene is supported by local government offering tax benefits to investors in local startups, and the University of Wisconsin providing not only highly educated graduates but also continuing education for technology industry leaders.

Madison is a great city to start your career– here are five interesting start-up companies where you might make your first step:



Focused on developing an Application Program Interface for healthcare systems, Redox has been striving to simplify access to medical data since 2014. In those mere three years, the startup has raised $13 million. With healthcare systems going digital, certain data is still inaccessible to health care providers using different technological solutions and platforms. Redox’s mission is to introduce a new level of interoperability to the healthcare field. The company currently has 32 employees and is set on growing further with its latest funding of $9 million.



EatStreet was founded in Madison in 2010 as a food ordering service but quickly grew to over 15,000 restaurants nationwide. The company also expanded from a food ordering platform into a one stop shop for restaurateurs, offering custom websites, mobile apps, Facebook ordering options and digital marketing services. EatStreet is privately owned and is the largest independent online food ordering service in the country.



Founded in 2013, HealthMyne is a healthcare informatics company based in Madison. The company’s FDA-cleared Quantitative Imaging Decision Support (QIDS)™ software platform helps physicians diagnose and treat cancer patients through advanced imaging technology and quantitative metrics. The platform also helps to optimize clinical collaboration by providing curated medical content and analysis to ensure precise patient management. The company currently has around 25 employees.



Polco is a platform which connects citizens with their local government, allowing them to become more involved, learn about and weigh in on decision-making. Polls on Polco provide accurate and insightful information as the system verifies respondents’ voter status and residence. Polco also provides this platform for schools, allowing them to communicate more efficiently with parents and staff through its unique features. Recently raising $1.1 million from investors, this three-man company is set on expanding in the near future, taking civic engagement to the next level.


Updown Technologies

In 2015 the founders of Updown set out to create an app which helps users stay in shape. They fashioned an algorithm that churned out personalized workouts based on one’s fitness goals, the equipment at hand and the time at one’s disposal, which won the hearts of their customers. In 2016 its number of users grew from a few hundred to 50,000. Then, in early 2017, they made a dramatic step and gave the successful app a makeover, turning it into a platform where fitness professionals can share their expertise, matching one’s goals, preferences, and timeframe to the trainers’ offerings. Users were unimpressed and sent the developers back to the drawing board to bring back the beloved customized workout generator which they promise will be better than ever.

Madison is more than a tech hub. It’s also a wonderful city for raising a family, with great public schools, safe streets, lots of nature and a real sense of community. Start planning your long distance move with Unpakt today! We’ve got plenty of the most recommended movers in Wisconsin to make your move as easy as possible.