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How to Find a Roommate in New York City

Find a Roommate

Even if you are not thrilled with the idea of living with someone, you pretty much have to get used to the idea in a place like New York City. Okay, you don’t “have” to get a roommate, if you are lucky enough to actually find a studio apartment vacant. However considering these are snatched up before the previous occupant even has his last box out the door, the chance of you being in the right place at the right time is pretty slim. If you think you will just look for a one or two bedroom, you better hope you are making a killer salary.

In case you don’t know, apartments are expensive in this city! So, most people find that the only way to afford a “larger” place in a safe building is to get a roommate. Before you cringe, understand that it is not so bad. Many people in New York City work multiple jobs or super long hours at one, so it is not like you will be sitting around with a stranger all day. You may find that the two of you merely pass one another in the hall most of the time. So, you know that you are probably going to need a roommate, but now you have to actually find one.



Without a doubt, Roomster is quickly becoming one of the most popular sources for finding a roommate. Not only can you see the property and the actual room you will be renting, you can also browse profiles and search for people who are looking for a place. If you find a good match then you could always look for a place together. Maybe there is someone from your hometown or state also moving to the Big Apple and looking for a roomie. The site updates every minute.


Rainbow Roommates

Launched in 1995 by Douglas Leavy, Rainbow Roommates caters to the LGBT community, but everyone is welcomed. There is a cost to use this service, but this does help ensure that only seriously interested parties are using the site. If you find that your roommate situation is not a good match within two months, Leavy will give you a free one-month membership to try again.


Metro Roommates

If you have no desire to have a long-term roommate, but you do need to rent a room while you find a place, this will be a great source for you. Metro Roommates features a lot of short-term options, but there are always some long-term ones sprinkled in there, too. The site is owned by You can search the database using specific criteria, and most posts have photos.


Roommates Wanted NYC

This site actually organizes meet-ups every month, which may or may not be your thing. They are usually organized at bars in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. You can mingle with others looking for a roommate and see if you find a good match. On the downside, there are always going to be people using these meetups to try to just find a date.

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