Unpakt Advance Program

Unpakt ADVANCE – Frequent Mover Program

Remember when you were rewarded for moving? No? Fear not dear moving friends—that is all about to change.

Welcome to Unpakt ADVANCE

Moving Benefits Exclusive for our Unpakt Moving Members
  • Earn Cash for Referring Your Friends
  • Get Discounts on Your Moves
  • Extend Your Discount to Your Family and Friends’ Moves
  • The more you refer or move, the greater the cash amount and moving discount you get!

We love moving—and so do you! Unpakt ADVANCE – Frequent Mover Program is for our favorite moving customers and you are invited. From members-only contests to moving savings, and referral fees, Unpakt ADVANCE members have access to special benefits and deals. Want to join? It is easy—simply use Unpakt once and you’re in!

Get Your Referral Cash & Moving Discounts

Every Unpakt customer (past, present and future!) has a unique link available to them to use and share with others. Simply log in to My Moves to get yours!

This link enables you to earn cash immediately for every referral you send our way. It gives you an automatic discount on any future moves with us and extends the same discount to your family and friends. The more you share and refer, the greater your referral fee and move discount.

What Unpakt ADVANCE Level are You?

Every single Unpakt moving customer is automatically enrolled in Unpakt ADVANCE, which means you start benefitting from our perks right away.

Your current attainment level is based solely on the number of moves you have been credited with. They can be your moves or moves referred by you! For example, after you refer 5 moves to Unpakt, your rewards DOUBLE!

Unpakt ADVANCE Benefits (*)

Maverick Guru
Attainment Level 1 Move 5 Moves
Earned Referral Fee $20 $40
Personal Move Savings 2.5% 5%
Promo Shares Available 3 5
Members Only Contests? Yes Yes


Unpakt Maverick:
A true independent thinker and early adopter, you know that leveraging the best new thing in moving can save you money and give you peace of mind. Even just one move with Unpakt provides you with special status—which puts you ahead of the pack!

With just one move, you are entitled to a year’s worth of benefits exclusively for you and your fellow Unpakt Mavericks. Want more? Simply by using Unpakt again or encouraging your friends to use Unpakt with your unique link, you can accumulate more moves under your belt and quickly move up to Guru status.

Unpakt Guru:
A recognized influencer, you choose to use your powers for good—and that includes sharing Unpakt with people you care about. While you’re busy spreading the love and taking care of others by sharing your insider moving secret, we are busy taking care of you.

Unpakt Gurus are defined by moving and/or referring a minimum of 5 moves in a single year—and Guru benefits include increased financial rewards, bigger savings and the ability to share personal savings with friends.

Questions or need help using your benefits? Simply email Benefits@Unpakt.com and we will assist you right away! Welcome to Unpakt ADVANCE!


(*) Please read the terms for each benefit:

Earned Referral Fee – For every move that is booked through your unique link which is available in “My Moves” dashboard after you log in. You will receive the Earned Referral Fee based on your status upon the completion and verification of the move and related documents.

Personal Move Savings – You can use or share your personal promo code next time you move or if you have someone you would like to help save money on their move.

Promo Shares Available – You can use or share your personal promo code up to 3 or 5 times based on your status.

Members Only Contests? – For any members only contest, you will be eligible to enter.