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    What? Making a list of furniture isn't your idea of fun? That's ok. To make things easier, we suggest typical furniture for your home size and estimate how many boxes you'll need.

    Choose additional services

    Make your move better with professional packing, box delivery, etc.

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About exact pricing

It’s simple math. First, each mover determines their cost per unit of stuff. Then we use a standard formula to get exact prices for you.

How much
stuff you have
How far you're going
Additional services you select
Your total price. Guaranteed.

For illustration only.

More consistency, less mystery

Place an item in your inventory, and the price goes up. Remove it, and it goes down. It’s that simple.

Compare apples to apples

No ballpark estimates or hourly rates. Compare with confidence: for each mover, you'll get an exact price and a breakdown of what’s included.

You're in control

That's right, you get a guaranteed price and flexibility. Log in and see your Move Plan anytime. Change your move date, inventory, or add additional services. The price updates automatically.



Professional movers

Our movers promise to treat your belongings with care and handle your move in a courteous, respectful way.

Moving truck, transportation, equipment

This includes:

  • Tolls, gas, parking, mileage, time waiting in traffic
  • Standard moving equipment like dollies, blankets, etc.

Certificate of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is proof that the mover has the necessary insurance.

If your building's management requires a COI, let us know and we'll ask the mover to send it to them.

Fees vary.

Protection for furniture

Depending on what you're moving, the movers may use protective materials to wrap furniture.

Protection for breakable items

Depending on what you're moving, the movers may use protective materials to cushion items like:

  • Electronics
  • Lamps
  • Mirrors, paintings, items with glass




Free in-home consultation

Schedule an in-home consultation with up to three movers. This means they'll come over to see what you’re moving, then give you a quote.

This is a great option if you have a large home or don’t have time to make your own inventory—just keep in mind you'll get prices in person, not through our snazzy website.

Free service. Availability varies.

Special handling (dismantle/uninstall items)

Hire a professional carpenter to dismantle, remove, or uninstall:

  • Flat screen TVs
  • Cribs
  • Custom furniture built for your home (bookcases, etc.)
  • Overweight items (100 lbs or more)
  • Oddly shaped furniture

If you request this service, the carpenter will assemble/install the item in your new home, too.

Availability and fees vary.

Box delivery

Buy boxes and pack things yourself. We'll help you decide how many you'll need and have them shipped to you.

Price for boxes varies.


Ask the movers to keep your stuff in storage until you’re ready to move in to your new place.

Availability and fees vary.

Extra pick-up or drop-off

Schedule multiple stops if you're moving from two homes to one (or vice versa).

Availability and fees vary.

Crating for art and antiques

Hire a professional carpenter to build custom crates for:

  • Art and antiques
  • Chandeliers
  • Other valuables

Availability and fees vary.

Packing and unpacking service

Ask the mover to pack things for you. This is especially useful if you’re in a hurry or have a lot of fragile/valuable things.

Availability and fees vary. Boxes included.

Additional insurance

Buy additional insurance (recommended). When booking, just indicate the value of your items and choose how much coverage you want.

Insurance cost depends on the value of your items.