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Getting Started

  • place-holder-textWhat is Unpakt?

  • place-holder-textWhat are Unpakt's business hours?

  • place-holder-textDo you have an app?

  • place-holder-textDo you have a place where you give moving advice?

  • place-holder-textIs Unpakt available in my city? If not, why?

  • place-holder-textDoes Unpakt support international moves?

How It Works

  • place-holder-textDo I have to register?

  • place-holder-textWhat's a Move Plan?

  • place-holder-textWhat if I don’t know the exact address I’m moving to yet?

  • place-holder-textDo you need my contact information?

  • place-holder-textHow do I know that movers I choose are trustworthy?

  • place-holder-textWhat's an in-home consultation?

  • place-holder-textWhat's a phone consultation?

Booking Your Move

  • place-holder-textHow far in advance should I book my move?

  • place-holder-textCan I book my move sooner than 2 business days in advance?

  • place-holder-textWhich option do I select for Home Size if I'm not moving my entire home?

  • place-holder-textCan I book my move using the iPhone app?


  • place-holder-textWhat if I can’t find an item in the inventory planner tool?

  • place-holder-textCan I get boxes through Unpakt?

  • place-holder-textHow do I know what fits in a box?

  • place-holder-textWhat's a Handling fee?

  • place-holder-textIf my inventory changes on the day of the move, how will I know how much I owe?

Additional services

  • place-holder-textWhat’s ‘special handling’ and do I need it?

  • place-holder-textCan movers assemble something for me that I've already taken apart?

  • place-holder-textCan I get professional packing/unpacking with Unpakt?

  • place-holder-textCan I purchase temporary storage for my move?


  • place-holder-textWhat if I don’t know the exact address I’m moving to yet?

  • place-holder-textAm I able to change my move date or time?

  • place-holder-textCan I add extra pick-up or drop-off locations?

  • place-holder-textWhat's a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and how do I know if my building needs one?

  • place-holder-textHow do I add that I need a COI after I make my Move Plan?

  • place-holder-textHow long does it take to prepare a COI?

  • place-holder-textHow do I add additional protection (kind of like insurance) to my move?

  • Pricing & Billing

    • place-holder-textHow do I get the best moving price?

    • place-holder-textDo I have to wait for movers to quote me a price or do the prices load automatically?

    • place-holder-textHow are prices calculated?

    • place-holder-textWhen will I be charged for my move?

    • place-holder-textI have furniture that needs to be assembled and/or disassembled. Is that included in the price?

    • place-holder-textWhat if I change my inventory before I move, but after I’ve been charged?

    • place-holder-textWill there be any additional fees?

    • place-holder-textIf I cancel my move will I be charged?

    • place-holder-textIf I'm due a refund, how and when will I get it?

    Long Distance Moves

    • place-holder-textWhy does it take so long for my items to be delivered?

    • place-holder-textWhen will I know the movers are on their way?

    • place-holder-textHow do I contact my mover?

    Once Your Move is Booked

    • place-holder-textI’m booked! What should I do before my move?

      • place-holder-textHow do I contact my mover?

      • place-holder-textShould I reach out to my movers to figure out what time they'll be arriving?

      • place-holder-textHow can I find out how many movers will be handling my move?

      • place-holder-textHow do I know how big of a truck is coming?

      On Your Move Day

      • place-holder-textWhat should I expect on my Move day?

      • place-holder-textWill there be paperwork to sign?

      • place-holder-textWill there be any additional fees?

      • place-holder-textWill I need to pay anything on move day?

      • place-holder-textHow will my movers count and confirm inventory?

      • place-holder-textWhat will loading and unloading be like?

      • place-holder-textShould I tip my mover?

      • place-holder-textWhat if I have less stuff than listed on my move day?

      Post Move

      • place-holder-textWhat should I do if something is damaged?

      • place-holder-textHow do I submit a review of my move?

      • place-holder-textIf I'm due a refund, how and when will I get it?

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