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What You Need to Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Move Into a Rental

It does not matter if you are moving into your first place, or if you are moving from one rental to another, it’s always a stressful time. Well, you don’t have to move a dozen times so you can learn from your mistakes and finally get it right; you simply need a helpful guide like this one. Now, hopefully you have already booked your movers. It doesn’t matter if you hire one of the expensive or cheap moving companies available, they do get booked often weeks ahead of time, depending on the season.


Take Care of Deposit and Fees
It is easy to get excited and start buying a few things for your new place. The only problem is that these smaller things add up, and you may find yourself scrambling to pay your deposit and fees associated with the move. Get this done first! Pay your rental security deposit and make sure you have more than enough to cover the movers.

Elevator Schedule
If you are moving into an apartment building with an elevator, don’t take for granted that you can simply haul everything in the front door and use the elevator in the library. There is a good chance that you will need to use a service elevator, and there is an even bigger chance that you will need to book this. The last thing you need is for your movers to arrive, only do find that someone else has already booked it for the day. Then what will you do? You should also inquire about any restrictions. Is there a load limit? Even if it does not need to be booked, there may only be specific times of the day it can be used.

Parking Restrictions
Are moving trucks required to park in a specific place? If the location is a considerable distance from the door, you will want to know this ahead of time because it will likely affect how much you are charged by the movers.

Alternatively, if you are moving into a loft, you may not be able to park a moving truck on public streets during certain hours, so they might need to park in an alley. You may also need to inquire about delivery trucks or school bus schedules, depending on where you are moving as well.

Loading Dock Restrictions
In addition to finding out about any restrictions for the freight elevator, you need to find out if any apply to the loading dock, if applicable. Is it a shared loading dock? If so then there may be scheduling complications. Are the lanes large enough to accommodate the size truck your movers have? Are drivers required to turn their vehicle off at the dock? Is there a maximum time limit permitted at the dock?

COI Requirements
Depending on where you are moving, there may be a certificate of insurance requirement. Even cheap moving companies have to provide insurance, so don’t let them tell you otherwise. This is a document that is issued by the insurance company to verify that insurance coverage has been granted to specific listed individuals. It will include the effective date, type of coverage, the dollar amount and type of applicable liability. Find out ahead of time if you need one, and then have it packed in your “carry-on” bag, so it’s handy.