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Ways to Tour Washington D.C.

http://www.unpakt.com/blog/ways-to-tour-washington-d-c/Unless you have previously spent a lot of time in the nation’s capital, you will likely want to start exploring the are minute that your DC movers unload the last box. Unpacking can wait; there are a ton of hidden gems to discover here. Although you most certainly can get in your car and drive around, there are other ways to tour this amazing area that doesn’t involve you having to keep your nose in a map, hoping that you are not going the wrong way down a one-way street.


City Segway Tour

Although a little pricey, this is one of the most exciting ways to tour DC. If you have never been on a Segway, you may be intimidated, but you have nothing to be afraid of. These personal transportation devices are self-balancing, so even the clumsiest person can safety ride with no effort. These tours are great because the guide typically takes no more than seven people at a time, so you can ask questions, and really get the most out of your tour.


Old Town Trolley Tours

For more than 30 years, visitors and residents have enjoyed these tours. Jump on board one of these orange and green trolleys, and then sit back and relax as the conductor takes you to all the major sites of the city. You can hop on and off different trolleys all day, and they cover more than 100 attractions. So, if you want to stop and have lunch and walk around, and then pick the tour back up later, you can. Also, this is a preferred tour method for environmental-enthusiasts because 90 percent of the trolley fleet now runs on propane rather than gasoline.


Bike and Roll

One of the greatest things about DC is that it is extremely bike-friendly. You can rent a couple of bikes from Bike and Roll, or participate in one of their many guided tours. They even offer a night time tour that takes you to see all the great monuments of the city lit up. You can grab a bike and explore on your own, if you are not into guided tours, or you can ask for an easy-to-follow map too. A self-guided tour to Mount Vernon is always a nice way to spend a sunny day. This two-way extremely scenic ride takes you on the Mount Vernon Trail to the estate. Comfort hybrid bike rentals include admission into the estate.



If you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes, the best way to really appreciate the city is by walking around it. This ensures that you do not miss the details that have gone into making the area so wonderful. From thoughtfully placed benches to manicured gardens to creative lighting in the evening, there is a lot to take in here.

Your DC movers will likely tell you that parking is very limited the closer that you get to any sites, so avoid driving your own vehicle, if you can. Bus, taxi and the Metrorail subway are the best ways to get around the city.

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