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There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy said it the best as she clicked her little red shoes together and repeated, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” We’ve all heard it before, and we know exactly what Dorothy is talking about. Going home after a long trip away gives us an instant sense of relief and safety. But what’s the best part? Getting to plop down in your own comfy bed.

While away, we are forced to sleep on other beds. Yet, no matter the size, style, or even the color of the sheets, it’s just not the same as pulling back the covers on your own bed. It’s what you long for when you are away and you cherish when you are home. The pillows are perfect, your full size mattress is just the right length, and your blanket keeps you toasty during those cold nights. The problem is, you only get a few nights of heaven before you’re back on the road again.

For those who travel often and visit lots of different beds in lots of different cities, you know that where you rest your head at night affects the entire experience of your trip. If you’re looking for a completely furnished rental with a bed that’s the center of attention, be sure to find a place that is your home – not just a room.

This article was contributed by Local Bigwig, the web’s largest booking platform for furnished monthly rentals and extended stay hotels.