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The Best Boston Seafood

Nearly everyone knows that there is some amazing seafood to be eaten in Boston. If you have ever visited the area, then you know that there is no shortage of exceptional restaurants. Of course, as a tourist, you probably went to the most popular restaurant. However, there are a lot of smaller venues that the locals keep all to themselves. If you are calling Boston movers to relocate here, then get excited; you will have a lot of restaurants to try out and seafood to indulge in. Below are a few to get you started.


Union Oyster House

Nearly everyone has at least heard of Union Oyster House. After all, it is a National Historic Landmark and America’s oldest restaurant, as it was established back in 1826. As you would guess, oysters are their specialty, but there is something for everyone here from swordfish to lobster to shrimp. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation. You will need to be a local resident and regular customer for a long time before you can buy your way to the front of the waitlist here.


Barking Crab

If you are looking for a restaurant you can kick back, enjoy a few cocktails, listen to great live music and eat some mouthwatering crab, this is it. The Barking Crab offers a casual and fun atmosphere where friends can gather and have a good time. You don’t have to be a crab fan either. They have plenty of other fantastic dishes, such as their Sesame Tuna and Cedar-Planked Salmon


The Daily Catch

Here is a unique restaurant that brings Sicilian-style seafood and Italian-American dishes together. They are known for having the best calamari in town and people rave about their Monkfish Marsala and their tempting selection of desserts, which includes freshly made cannoli, tiramisu, and gelato.


Neptune Oyster

There is a reason why there is already a line waiting outside to get in here before they even open. People wait for hours just for their Lobster Roll. Sure, there are plenty of things on the menu, and they are actually an oyster house, but this one lobster dish may be the best thing you ever eat. Over 1,000 perfect Yelp reviews should tell you that this restaurant is a must try!


No Name

A name is not needed when your fish is this good! This is a hot spot for locals from autumn through spring, but then the tourists pretty much take over in the summer. This is a super casual place where you can wear your flip-flops after being on the boat all day, and sharing tables just to get served isn’t unheard of. Be sure to order a spicy Bloody Mary from the bar while you wait. They are amazing!


Skip Jack’s

Chances are good that if you ask your Boston movers about Skip Jack’s, they will have plenty of good things to say. Located right in the heart of Back Bay, this is a hot spot for business lunches or to relax on the patio with delectable crustaceans from the Raw Bar, which is always available. The ambiance is nice, prices are affordable and they may very well have the best clam chowder around!

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