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The 411 on Corporate Housing

With the late 2000’s economic crisis and the arrival of a more cost-minded traveler, there has been a lot of talk about corporate housing. But what exactly is it? We have found that while many travelers have been eager to cut costs and find more privacy on the road, they don’t know enough about the corporate housing market to see it as a viable alternative to the pricey full-service hotel or the cost-free (but horribly uncomfortable) friend’s couch.

Corporate housing usually entails a stay of at least 30 days and is typically much less costly than traditional hotels in the long term. Providers of this service (we call them hosts) include not only extended stay hotels but also furnished apartments and houses. And despite its name, corporate housing is NOT just for business travelers – it’s for anyone looking for an extended stay.

Besides the lower cost, businessmen and vacationers alike have praised furnished monthly rentals for its kitchen access and more “homely” environment. Others have cited the ability to entertain guests and greater privacy as additional perks. You might say, “Well I’ve never heard of any extended/corporate housing providers, that must mean there aren’t too many choices out there.” The truth is, there are more than you think. The problem is that the market is scattered and most hosts have not gotten their name out to the average traveler.

You now know what it is and what you need, let finding it be the fun part!

This article was contributed by Local Bigwig, the web’s largest booking platform for furnished monthly rentals and extended stay hotels.