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How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

Planning a moving budget can be quite the task. Between non-binding estimates, false advertising and hidden costs, most customers find themselves utterly confused and end up spending way more than they initially planned to. So just how much does it cost to move locally? We got real prices from real

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Pre-Move Expenses to Plan For

Planning ahead is essential for keeping your moving expenses low. Avoid running into financial surprises during your move by considering the following budget items. Once you’ve created your pre-move expenses, you’ll be ready to compare moving quotes and book all of the moving services you need.   Moving Supplies Getting

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Post-Move Expenses to Plan For

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all the expenses are taken care of for their move, only to find themselves short on cash after. You definitely don’t want to break your bank account, knowing that you don’t get paid for another week or two because you will need

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