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How to Stay Organized When Moving

Getting ready to move can either be a pleasant or unpleasant experience depending on your ability to organize. If you are good at organizing, the entire thing can go without a hitch. If you are not, follow these tips:

Create a List of Things To Do:
First, create a list of things to do either on a notebook, smartphone, tablet or laptop, whichever you find more convenient to use. Include everything that needs to be done and put down the start date and finish dates for each task. The list should have the following things:

• Research moving companies and compare moving quotes
• Book a moving company or rental truck
• Clear the basement, attic, and storage
• Contact the IRS to find out what items are tax deductible
• Declutter your home

Establish a Command and Control Center:
Does it sound like something straight out of the military? Don’t worry if it does, because establishing a command and control center with you at the center of it is essential for getting organized. Call a family meeting and give one or more tasks to each member depending on his or her ability. Make sure that each person completes his or her task within the given timeframe and reports to you on its progress.

Create an Inventory of Your Possessions:
Creating an inventory of your possessions is crucial for a successful move. Make a list of everything you have in your home and divide them into four categories. Keep, Donate, Sell, Place the good ones in the list to take with you, the useless ones in the list to throw away, the good ones without much financial value in the list to donate or give away, and the good ones that are likely to earn some money in the list to sell.

Designate a Separate Storage Area for Each Category of Items:
Designate separate temporary storage areas in your home to store the sorted items to reduce the chances of them being mixed up. Place each item only in the area designated for the category it belongs to. For example, if a table is to be sold, place it in the area designated for items to be sold and don’t move it from there.

Pack the Essential Articles Last:
You should start packing a month before your move date. However, life must go on without any undue interruptions. This means you should pack your essential belongings last. For example, you will need some of your kitchen utensils and appliances until the last day. Packing these items a week before the moving day will likely disrupt your life and make it harder to organize things.

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