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Snow Day! Easy Ways to Organize Your Apartment While You’re Stuck Inside

So, you finally have a day off, and you are ready to go out and have a fun filled day. Unfortunately, you look outside and see Mother Nature is not on board with your plans. If it is snowing or freezing rain, there is just no point in going outside. You might as well just stay in where you are safe and warm. Do not even think about moping around, watching reruns on TV all day, though! This is the perfect day to organize your apartment the way you want it.


Grab a Few Boxes

If you just moved in, then hopefully you already got rid of everything you didn’t need. If not, you will be in the same boat as most other people who either are getting ready to move, or simply have not gone through everything in a while. Grab a few empty boxes that you can put items in to donate or trash.


Pick a Room

Trying to do too many things at once will have you dealing with a cluttered mess. Plus, if you have a small apartment you do not need messes in every room. Pick one room and finish it before moving onto the next. You will go through everything and decide what needs to be donated or thrown away and put these items in their appropriate boxes. A little purging action will make it much easier to organize.


Have a Plan

Whether you are moving around furniture or alphabetizing your DVD, think it through first. The last thing you want to do is rearrange the entire room only to discover the cable does not reach your television now, or there is not a plug where you need it, and you can’t get to the store to buy an extension cord for a few days. You may need to move everything from the edges of the room to the center, so you have space to work. If you are dealing with a filing system, knickknacks, etc., it might be easier to move these things to the next room or the hallway.


Don’t Cut Corners

Organizing your apartment does not mean moving things from one pile to the ext. If you have a pile of paperwork or bills above the fridge, do not move it to the counter to deal with later. Your clutter monster will just continue to grow. Now is the time to go through everything.


Purchase Organizers

If you know you have a snow storm coming tomorrow or next week, and you know you will finally have time to do some organizing, go pick up some thoughtful organizers from the store.  If you are low on funds, you can always get contact paper or cheap fabric, cut the flap off boxes, and create your own decorative bin. Even over-the-door hooks and inexpensive fabric or mesh bags can be used to hold all those things that tend to make the most mess.


Have Fun

You have wanted to organize your apartment; now you have an excuse. This does not have to feel like a chore. The roads are awful, so there is no point going anywhere anyway. Put on your favorite playlist, cut up some veggies to munch on, or order a pizza, and have fun! Tomorrow you will look around and be grateful for your snow day!



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