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Tips for a Smooth Move Day

Moving is a big endeavor and the most important day is, of course, the day you move. In order to make your move as pleasant as it can be, it is important to start planning and preparing several weeks before the day. Two important things you will need are a moving checklist and an itinerary for the day you move. Here are some of our moving tips to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible:


Eat Before Leaving

It is important to eat the day of your move, you’ll be doing a lot of activity and it is crucial to stay focused. Also, make sure that the children eat enough food, so they aren’t hungry and get cranky (it happens to the best of us). If you are moving in the morning, make sure that you make time to eat breakfast, and no coffee does not count. If you are moving in the afternoon, make sure that you order lunch and drink lots of water.


Don’t Leave Anything Behind

The day you move can be quite hectic, and it can be very easy to leave some items behind. Check all your rooms, including the bathroom, to make sure that nothing that is yours is left behind.


Leave All the Items for the New Tenant in an Easy-to-find Location

After you move out, someone will likely move in. Leave any keys, remote controls, security system codes and manuals for appliances in an easy to find a location, so the new tenants can find them. An easy-to-find location, such as the kitchen counter would be a good place.


Wear Comfortable Clothes

Whether you will be traveling a long distance or a relatively short distance, it is important to be comfortable. Make sure that everyone is dressed comfortably and according to the weather.


Ensure You Have All Your Important Documents

Forgetting to take all your important documents does not only cause inconvenience but can expose you to identity theft if they get into the wrong hands. So, check that you have all of your important documents to make sure that nothing is missing.


Check Your Car

You definitely don’t want to get a flat tire, run out of gas or have a breakdown along the way, so check your car early in the morning to make sure it is ready for the move.


Confirm Hotel Reservations

If you are going to be staying in a hotel along the way, call the hotel to confirm your reservations.


Check the weather report

You don’t want to be caught in a snow storm or a hurricane on your way. Check the weather report to find an alternate route if there is a forecast of bad weather.


To ensure a smooth and trouble-free move, it is important to hire a reputable moving company with experience. Check out Unpakt to compare the best moving companies across the United States, and visit our blog for great moving tips and resources.