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Smooch! The Country’s Most Romantic Cities

Do you believe life should have a storybook ending? If you are a sucker for a romantic ending, then maybe you would be happiest living in a city where you can feel romance in the air. These are locations that are as perfect for a single person looking for their happily ever after as they are for the couple who has been married 30 years and always finds a way to keep the spark alive.


NYC, New York

If you can’t find love in the Big Apple, then maybe it doesn’t exist. Central Park alone is enough to qualify this as one of the country’s most romantic cities. From iconic lights and a gorgeous cityscape to an endless supply of restaurants, theaters, and things to do for date night, this is the perfect city to fall in love.


Savannah, Georgia

The cobblestone streets and Victorian architecture in Savannah create the perfect setting for romance. Admire the trees drenched in Spanish moss as you take a carriage ride along the river or head over to Tybee Island Beach to catch the sunset. Tempt your taste buds at Sapphire Grill, Elizabeth on 37th, Noble Fare, or Brasserie 529, and then indulge in a chocolate martini at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar.


Bend, Oregon

Couples who like to be active in the outdoors will love Bend, Oregon. The topography offers everything from snowy mountain peaks to dense pine forests. Hike to Tumalo Falls for a picnic, explore the Lava River Cave, or kayak at sunrise on Sparks Lake. If you move to Bend, you must stop into Deschutes Brewery for some malty goodness.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is often referred to as a “cultural oasis,” which just happens to be in the middle of an unforgiving desert region. Stop in at Le Petite Maison for a classic French dinner, and then surround yourself in the Italian architecture for cocktails at the Royal Palms. The city offers a laid back vibe, and there are many resorts and spas where couples can be pampered together.


Napa, California

When one hears the word “Napa” they often think of wine and vineyards, which is typically associated with romance. You can’t take in views of Napa Valley from Bay Area Ridge Trail, and not feel magic in the air. There is more to this city than rolling hills of grapes though. The quaint downtown area is saturated with art galleries, entertainment venues, and upscale restaurants.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Here you have the opportunity to gaze at the skyline everyday as the sun lights it up in a spicy palette of colors. If this is not enough to set a permanent ambiance, the historic architecture, green valleys, and red mountains might. Santa Fe is a hot honeymoon spot because it is hauntingly beautiful. Hike the Huge Park Circle Trail or saddle up for a ride at sunset through Cerillos Hills Historic Park.


Charleston, South Carolina

The southern charm is so thick in the air here you can cut it with a knife. Points of interest that add to the charm include Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Morris Island Lighthouse, the Angel Oak tree, and Cypress Gardens.

Honorable mentions go to Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans, San Antonio, Miami, Portland, Providence, Boston, Nashville, Kansas City, Charlottesville, Cambridge, Coral Gables, and Hot Springs.



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