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Repainting Before the Winter Months

As we watch the NYC trees change from green to auburn and start breaking out our jackets and scarves, it becomes quite clear that the winter months are almost upon us. That means there is a lot to do – stock up on warm socks, dig out some old crockpot recipes and winter-proof your apartment. Surprisingly enough, this chilly time of the year is also the perfect time to repaint your apartment before Old Man Winter hits. Read below for some reasons why it might be a good time to invest in a small-scale renovation this autumn.


The Perfect Temperature

Studies show that paint dries perfectly between 50 and 85 degrees. When the air is too cold, paint has a hard time drying evenly. It may dry in patches, and result in a less-than-perfect quality. Same goes for when it’s too hot and humid. When air is too warm and moist, there is an increased possibility for cracking and peeling after the paint job. Fall provides the perfect temperature for interior painting to yield best results.


More Available Contractors

Summer is the most popular month for renovations, so most contractors are super busy during that time. If you hold off until autumn, you can be more selective with your contractors, and it will probably be easier for them to work around your schedule. That being said; many contractors takeoff for weeks at a time in the winter because of slow business and the holiday season. Expertly sneak your paint job in right between the seasons for optimal scheduling.

Additionally, because the fall season is slower, there are chances that you will get a better rate. When business is in its peak season in summer, contractors may raise their rates because their availability is narrow. But as demand falls, you will be able to negotiate your pricing.




Light Up the Dark

Winter is dark and cold – that’s why we spend so much time in our apartments, right? Be proactive and ensure you keep spirits high on those nights when the sun sets before you even get home from work. Lighten up the colors on walls and other surfaces within your home. Even just freshening up some of the trim will make your place feel brighter. Glossy whites on your base moldings, doors or ceiling trim will help reflect light throughout your place and will give your rooms a crisp warm feeling. Also, if your ceiling is painted in an off-white or neutral shade, consider painting it a bright white. This will help make your room feel more open and well lit, even if it’s dark outside.


Save on Heating Bills!

With winter weather brings the needs for buildings to crank the heat, but with interior painting comes the need for open windows. This can leave you in a tough spot, wasting lots of expensive heat out those open windows and potentially raising your utility bills. Finishing your contracting work in the fall while temperatures are still mild enough to keep windows open will save you money. Plus, during the preparation period of a normal paint job, painters will caulk any areas around your windows and door frames where there are cracks or nicks in the wood. This will protect you from any extra chill getting through the cracks and giving your home that cold, drafty feel.


Winter Wonderland

Let’s face it – after even a small renovation, your apartment will become your Winter Wonderland! Who doesn’t want a warm, cozy, beautiful home before the holidays? You’ll be the talk of the town when you host Thanksgiving and all other winter holidays in your home, after it looks so fresh and clean with a new coat of paint.

Consider these reasons when you are planning your small-scale home renovation. Autumn is a wonderful time to get the interior of your home painted, so give your painter a call and get a quote today!


This article was contributed by PaintZen, New York City’s go-to service for stress-free painting.