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Renting in San Diego

It typically only takes one visit to San Diego to fall in love enough to start looking for rentals and scanning the classifieds. Everyone moves here for a different reason. For some, it is the beautiful beaches and parks while for others it is the opportunity for growth with one of the many coveted employers. Some move strictly for the year-round perfect weather and golf courses and others appreciate that there are fantastic schools and family oriented communities to be part of. Whatever your reason is, you are going to need a little helpful information to make the move happen.


What is the Cost of Living?
The cost of living in San Diego is not quite as high as New York City, but it is higher than the national average. If the average is 100, San Diego is at 143. However, this is primarily for housing and education. Utilities are at 112 and food is 106. Going out will not cost you that much more than what you are likely already used to, as the city is only at about 103. There are always great food and drink specials to be found during happy hour. If you want to compare your current city to San Diego, Bankrate offers a fantastic free comparison tool.

Who Are the Best Brokerage Firms?
Choosing the right brokerage will make all the difference in the world, especially if you are moving from out of state.

  • First California Mortgage Company – Michael S. Rosenbaum and his team of professionals can be found in the East Village. They are honest, thorough, and responsive.
  • Capitol Growth Properties – This brokerage and property management firm has been active since 1976 and happens to manage a portfolio of apartment communities.
  • Prooples – This full-service firm can handle your needs whether you need temporary housing or are ready to rent a place right away. It handles lease preparation, property maintenance, painting, furnishing, and more.

A few additional recommendations include Sand and Sea Investments, Gem Real Estate, Ocean Pacific Properties, The West Group, and Coastal San Diego Properties.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods?
San Diego has a dream neighborhood for everyone. Whether you are looking for a tree-lined, family community with a lush green park, or if you want to mingle with the movers and shakers, you will find the perfect place to call home here.

  • Kensington – This neighborhood will be high on your list if you have children. It is all about community in Kensington!
  • Mission Hills – Do you have a fondness for old architecture with a ton of character? Mission Hills is an upscale but laid back area with beautiful older homes.
  • Hillcrest – If you are looking for trendy bars, cafes and clothing stores, Hillcrest is where you will find them. Do not associate “trendy” with snooty though because Hillcrest is far from it. There is a cool vibe here, along with a large LGBT community.
  • University Heights – Those who enjoy their morning run or a late night bike ride will appreciate that you can feel safe on the streets here pretty much any time you feel the need to get outdoors.
  • Normal Heights – Looking for an affordable but safe area? Normal Heights should have something for you. This is a very walkable neighborhood.

Additional areas to consider include Little Italy, Golden Hill, Ocean Beach, and City Heights.

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