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Anchorage Cost of Living

The Cost of Living in Anchorage, Ak

Alaska is undoubtedly one of the wildest and beautiful states in the U.S., and living there is a call that many cannot ignore. The biggest city, Anchorage, has a lot to offer both in the way of stunning scenery and interesting...

Little Rock

6 Winter Activities to Do in Little Rock, AR

It sure gets hot during the Arkansas summer, so that means winter is one of the most exciting and fun seasons to visit Little Rock. You can enjoy the pleasant weather and take in the best that Arkansas has to offer with these six...

Checklists New Place

Visual Home Inspection Checklist

You know what’s just about the worst? Moving into your new home and only then discovering a leak in the basement, or old piping that needs replacing, or an issue with the roof. So to be sure you’re 100% clear on what...