Moving Advice

Pack up Non-essentials Before You Move

Pack non-essentials

When it comes to moving, the less you have to do on your moving day, the better. After all, moving can be a stressful and chaotic process. Lucky for you, we are here to offer you some of our best less hassle, less stress moving tips for getting all of your belongings safely from Point A to Point B.



Forming a strategy or plan of attack, should be your first step. Think hard about what you use on a daily basis, what you occasionally use, and what you never use. Start formulating a plan to get those occasionally used things packed up and ready to go in a staging area that will make truck loading easier. Attached garages are perfect, but if you don’t have that luxury, decide on a spot that is out of the way of everyday living and start packing and stacking!

Be sure that you have lots of supplies– plastic totes are excellent, boxes are great, and labels, packing tape and markers will be a few of your favorite objects throughout this project.



No, not like the movie– in this purge, you will say goodbye to things are cluttering up your life and you no longer need. Sort through everything, making a trash pile, a donation pile, and a pack pile.

If you have time, you can add a fourth pile for things to sell online or at a garage sale. Remember, the more you get rid of ahead of time, the less that has to be packed, moved, and unpacked.

Got a box full of your kid’s artwork? Snap pictures of them and put together a photo book and get rid of them. Go through other sentimental things that you have kept but do not fit your lifestyle. Be honest and admit that grandma’s lamp is hideous and let. it. go! (If you didn’t sing that, you don’t have a toddler.)

Go through your junk drawers and start tossing things you don’t use. A little bit every day makes the whole process easier in the end.



Now that you have all the trash out, and the donations piled up– remove them immediately from the premises. You will gain lots of space to move around in, and make it easier to clean as well. Many charity organizations will even pick things up at curbside if you call them.

What Next: Think of your non-essentials, like summer clothes in wintertime, extra bed linens, towels and pictures. In summer, Christmas decorations and comforters can be safely packed away.

Do one room at a time to make things easier and keep from feeling overwhelmed. Label your boxes or totes well with the name of the room and the contents.

Trust us- fifty boxes that all look alike are frustrating to no end, but boxes labeled “Kitchen-toaster and blender” will make your first days in your new place much smoother. Not just “Clothes”, but “Clothes- Summer/Stephanie.” Be more precise in the beginning and less stressed in the end.

You will spend the last week before the move packing up your removing things. Pack up your entire kitchen and order pizza or Chinese takeout. Leave out enough toiletries and clothes to make it through the week, along with things like tape, markers, plastic silverware, trash bags, and your alarm clock. Pack everything else– and at the end, place all these things in a box that says, “Me first!”

If you follow these tips, you will be waiting for your local moving company, unstressed and ready to go!