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Our Favorite Home Offices

If you are like most others, the office door is the one you run to close when guests come over. Even if everything is tidy, it is typically the space you are least proud of. Most people put a tremendous amount of thought and time into decorating their home, but their office is completely neglected. This is valuable real estate you are paying for. It just makes sense to make the most of this space.

If you have a Victorian home with a turret then you have the perfect space for a home office. This is likely the room in the house that gets the most natural light. The décor is simple, but the bold red rug provides a dynamic focal point your eyes will come to rest on the moment you enter the room. Many people are under the impression that a desk should be placed against a wall. There is really no reason for this. The placement of the desk is one of the things to love about this office.

Whether you and your significant other are constantly fighting for the desk or if you have two children in the home you would love to see do their homework anywhere other than the kitchen table, this cute solution for two is perfect. Both people have their own space. The blue wall is a nice refreshing change from the plain white walls typically found in offices.

You do not need an entire room to create an office. You can turn that awkward space under the stairs into one. This one has some simple shelving and storage solutions, which is really all you need. If you want to hide it, you can always hang a curtain. If the space is in the cold basement, just put a small heater under the desk. As long as your toes are toasty the rest of you will stay pretty warm. If you do hang a curtain, it will help keep the heat in your workspace when temperatures dip outside.

Here is another great home office idea for the home without extra rooms. You can turn any ordinary closet into an office. This is a simple space with bi-fold doors, but a walk-in closet is ideal, too. Since the doors shut and hide everything inside, you can get super creative with color and décor. If you secretly wish you had one room in your home with a bright colored wall, but you do not have the nerve to do it in a primary room, now is your chance to get creative.

There are so many things to love about this office it is hard to figure out where to begin. The exposed brick and beams are super trendy right now. You expect to see neutral or rich colors with these elements, but this room gives you vibrant shades and patterns. The electric wall fireplace is the perfect finishing touch. This is a room you actually want to spend time in.

Whether you like the décor or not you cannot deny that the use of blackboard paint is brilliant. You do not necessarily need to do all the walls and ceiling; even one wall would be pretty cool. You will never run out of places to write notes, create lists, calendars, etc. When you are done with them, erase, and start over with a clean slate. This is perfect for kids, too!