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Nashville Movers Love Cool Nashville Music Destinations

You probably do not need your Nashville movers to tell you that this city offers a one-of-a-kind music scene. Many people think of Tennessee and immediately hear country music in their head, but Nashville is also home to many rock artists as well. Without a doubt, this city has one of the world’s most fertile music scenes due to countless concert venues, clubs, recording studios, record companies, and music publishers. Therefore, if you love music, you will feel right at home here, and you are sure to enjoy making your rounds from one destination to another.


Grand Ole Opry House
Nearly everyone has heard of the Grand Ole Opry House; country music lover or not! Legends have graced the stage here, including Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Minnie Pearl, and Loretta Lynn. Today, the venue is still considered a launching point for many careers. If you play here, you are getting noticed; plain and simple. This world-famous 4,400-seat establishment is as popular now as it was when it first opened. Today, there is a constant flow of concerns to enjoy, or you can just stop by and take a tour. Ask your Nashville movers about some of the crazy things that happen here behind the scenes.

Bluebird Café
With all the music destinations to visit in Nashville, you may find it hard to believe that a live music club would make the list, but Bluebird Café is special. Tourists flock to large venues, but locals (including the new ones that Nashville movers just unpacked) know that you will never experience a better show than at one of the intimate clubs like this one. Interestingly, both Garth Brooks and Kathy Mattea played this club before making it big.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
There is a lot to see at this museum and considering there are rotating exhibits, it is worth visiting periodically. You will find a Moving Image Collection with more than 23,000 images in nine different formats, as well as a Still Images and Photograph Collection with photos dating back to the 1920s. There is also a fantastic artifact collection with more than 600 instruments and 800 stage costumes. Nashville movers have had to use great care to make sure these artifacts arrive in one piece.

Ryman Auditorium
Many think of the Grand Ole Opry House as giving birth to country music, but before that establishment opened, there was the Ryman Auditorium, which dates back to 1892. A diverse assortment of musicians have played here from Patsy Cline to James Brown to Sheryl Crow.  Back in the day, Nashville movers had to use horses and other old-school methods to get stuff into the Ryman.

This venue was completely renovated in 1994 and continues to offer a fantastic selection of performances. No matter what type of music you enjoy, you will find plenty of concerns here worth taking in. Be warned, these are typically sold out performances, so don’t wait until the last minute to get your tickets.

Texas Troubadour Theater
If your Nashville movers are really into the music scene, then they will likely tell you that there is nothing quite like the free midnight jams here. You will enjoy newcomers as well as featured Opry acts. There is just a cool vibe here. It’s not extravagantly decorated, and the seats are old church pews, so don’t expect anything too plush, but there is always a good time to be enjoyed here.


The music lovers will want to check out this list of Nashville movers! Happy moving!

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