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Museums Galore in Raleigh, NC

In many other cities, a museum is nothing but an afterthought. Sure, there may be one or two, but even residents who are native to the area have likely never been to them. This city is different! In fact, if you ask your Raleigh movers if they can recommend a good museum, they will likely be able to write you a list. Culture and history are important here, so there are plenty of museums for both adults and children to indulge in.


North Carolina Museum of History

Since being founded in 1902, the North Carolina Museum of History has long been a favorite place for locals and tourists to visit. This is one of those places that you think you need to just go to once. Just  to say you did, but then you find that you want to make frequent visits to explore the ever-changing exhibits.

There are more than 150,000 artifacts here from six centuries. There is even a fun kid’s zone that is always offering something new.


North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

This very well may be one of the coolest places to visit in the entire state! There are rotating exhibits, but there are also permanent ones that you will want to visit over and over, such as the Arthropod Zoo, Protecting Freshwater, Exploring the Deep Sea, Investigating White Whales, Building a Greener Future, Astronaut Space Observation Lab, Science Panorama, Ice Age Giants and even a Living Conservatory filled with birds and butterflies.

In addition to the exhibits, there are countless programs to participate in that are also always changing, so every time you come there is bound to be something new. There are workshops, science talks, family programs, summer camps, youth programs and a ton of educational opportunities.


North Carolina Museum of Art

One of America’s largest Renoir sculptures can be found here, as well as more than a dozen monumental sculptures. There are both permanent and rotating exhibits, plus an amphitheater that hosts concerts, classes, performances, and films. The museum’s library has over 40,000 volumes to explore too. If you are looking for a nice restaurant to go to for brunch, inside the museum you will find the Iris, a full-service venue lined floor to ceiling with windows, and decorated with fantastic sculptures.


Raleigh City Museum

To preserve the city’s history, Raleigh City Museum was finally opened in 1993. It houses artifacts and exhibits that highlight Raleigh’s history and heritage. There are core exhibits as well as rotating ones, plus educational programs. The city even hosts adult walking tours of the area.


Marble Kids Museum

If you ask your Raleigh movers where you can take your kids for a fun yet educational experience, they will likely recommend the Marble Kids Museum. There are countless interactive exhibits that inspire imagination. There is something truly special about a place that manages to be educational without making kids feel like they are in school, or actually being taught something. Plus, there is a giant IMAX theater here that is the only 3D-capable giant screen in the state!



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