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Moving to San Francisco On the Cheap

San Francisco on the cheap

If you have been saving up forever in hopes of finally having enough to comfortably move to San Francisco, maybe you are over-thinking it. Or, maybe you are just making excuses because you are scared you will fail. You can move to San Francisco on the cheap, and unlike other cities where it can often take a long time to find work, opportunities are plentiful in San Francisco. You may not land the job of your dreams at first, but it will get you by until you find something more permanent.


Find a Roommate

If you are moving from somewhere to San Francisco within driving distance, then maybe you already have a job and apartment lined up. This is great! You can find an abundance of cheap movers here that will get you all settled. However, if you are like most longing to relocate to this thriving city, you are coming with nothing but a suitcase and some money.

The easiest thing to do is find a roommate or room to rent. There are a lot of them here! Avoid Craigslist and opt for safer alternatives, such as,, and Craigslist can be handy when you are buying furniture, but not to find housing with a stranger. Never send money without some type of legal documentation.


Get Rid of Your Car

Although it can be handy to have a car in San Francisco, you do not necessarily need one if you do a little careful planning regarding where you live and work. Certain central areas are more accessible for public transportation. You do want to make sure you avoid areas where safety can be a concern. Bayview, Hunter’s Point, and Ingleside fall are in this category.  Potrero, Fillmore, and Haight can be decent places to live, as long as you do not make yourself an easy target for pickpockets, and there is plenty of public transport.


Consider a Temp Agency

Before you even start planning your move to San Francisco, you may want to create a profile or send your resume to one of the many temporary agencies around. Those random jobs that you have lined up or that pop up when you least expect them could help get you by until you land something more permanent. A few possibilities include Career Alliance, Manpower, Kimco Specialized Staffing, and Olsten.


Find a Cheap Storage Unit

If you absolutely want to move your furniture and other belongings rather than sell and buy new when you get there, then you can take advantage of one of the many cheap storage facilities here.

When you are ready to move your stuff into your new place, hire one of the many trusted San Francisco moving companies found on Unpakt.

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