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Moving in Summer? How to Get the Best Price


Ask any expert and they will tell you that moving in summer is the most popular time of year to move. This means, however that the best moving companies fill up their schedule quickly and don’t have to provide competitive pricing because the demand is high.

If you have to move in the summer, here are 3 pre-move tips on how to get the best price:

1. Book at least 4-6 weeks in advance:
Most don’t book far enough in advance. If you have to move on a particular day like Friday or Saturday or the first or last day of the month, chances are, if you book last minute it won’t be easy process to find a moving company. You should always book in advance to avoid last minute rushes and to get a good price. This means that latecomers are forced to pay steeply hiked-up prices.

2. Do thorough research:
Don’t make the mistake of researching only one or two movers and trusting them to give you the best price. They are there to make money and you might get ripped off. Talk to several different companies, get quotes from all of them, compare their rates and make a short list of the ones offering the lowest prices. Or visit Unpakt to compare the available movers in your area and get a guaranteed price instead of an estimate.

3. Move on the least busy days:
The beginning and end of the month and weekends are always packed because that’s when most people move. Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend of July are especially busy. Moving companies are not willing to lower their rates on these days. But business is usually slow on weekdays since most people have to work. If you move on these days, you will usually get a better price.

For more information on moving tips check our other blog posts and make sure you use Unpakt to compare the best moving companies and get a guaranteed price instantly!