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Property Managers Referral Program

Unpakt Invites Property Managers Help Their Tenants And Earn Referral Fees

Real Estate Agent Referral Program

What’s The Deal?

Unpakt isn’t a moving company–meaning you aren’t risking your reputation by recommending a mover. Instead, you’re sharing the latest in moving technology to support your tenants and creating a “win-win” for you both.

  • Earn Tenant Love: Make moving simple for your tenants & save them money!
  • Earn Revenue: Get a percentage of your tenants’ move price.
  • Earn Loyalty: Get recognition for going above and beyond to support their needs!

Best of all, it is free to join and easy to refer tenants!

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Benefits For Property Managers:

There are many unique benefits to membership in Unpakt’s Property Manager Referral Program:

  • Provide exclusive, discounted moving rates for the moving company of their choice and get recognition for going above and beyond to support their needs.
  • Protect your reputation with tenants by recommending the best moving resource instead of a single moving company.
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your tenants are protected by Unpakt’s customer service support in case of any moving problems
Benefits For Your Tenants:
  • Full price transparency (up to a cost per item breakdown) eliminates move day surprises
  • Payment protection through Unpakt and control over final moving costs
  • Pre-qualified, licensed and insured moving companies vetted through Unpakt’s mover onboarding process
  • Exponential time savings avoiding traditional moving quote generation processes

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