Mouthwatering Dallas BBQ Restaurants

dallas barbecue

Anyone who has ever visited this city will tell you that everything just tastes better here, especially BBQ! If you ask your Dallas movers which restaurant in the city serves up the best BBQ around, they might just stare at you dazed for a few minutes. This isn’t because they can’t think of any; it is because there are so many venues, it is hard to just pick a few. Below is a list to get you started, but you will definitely add to this as you find your own hidden gems!


Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke

This is where a guy goes with his friends to eat too much, drink some beers and watch the big game. The waitresses are about as smoking as the BBQ, and they are all super nice. Whether you love brisket, ribs or wings, pretty much everything on the menu here will have you licking your lips.


Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse BBQ

For more than a century, this has been a favorite place to go for barbeque eats. Some just come here specifically for their onion rings that are unreal! You will not leave hungry here; portions are inexpensive and more than generous. Don’t even try to get a table during lunch, if you have to be back to the office within an hour. You will never make it!



Not your average BBQ joint, Smoke is where you go for breakfast when you have a craving for barbeque flavor. They have plenty of traditional options, but it is plates like their Smoked Salmon and Collard Greens Eggs Florentine and Pulled Pork BBQ Eggs Benedict that really draws the daytime crowd.


Sweet Georgia Brown

Although these restaurants can be found throughout the country, there is something about the buffet here that gets constant rave reviews. Whether you love soul food, or if you have never tried it, but you would like to sample a little of everything, this is where you go! They also have catfish on Sundays, which coincidentally is their busiest day.


Off the Bone Barbeque

This is one of the most popular BBQ restaurants in the city because everything on the menu is fantastic, right down to their Southern Country Peach Cobbler. Some describe their dry-rubbed brisket as a work of art, as it is long-smoked and perfectly spiced.


Mike Anderson’s BBQ House

This place is known as well for their sides as they are for their meats, but they are only open until 2:30 pm every day, so this is your breakfast and lunch stop. Service is cafeteria style, so you can create the plate of your dreams; just make sure that it includes their Cheesy Corn Casserole and a helping of their Pineapple Cherry Cobbler for dessert.


Mac’s Barbeque

Although not as big or as popular as some of the other venues, if your Dallas movers love BBQ food, there is a good chance that they have been here. Mac’s Barbeque has the best sweet tea, and their ribs fall right off the bones. Not to mention, their portions are huge. Don’t let its exterior appearance fool you; this is a door you will be happy that you stepped through.

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