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Make the Most of Your Small Space

Make the Most of Your Small Space

If you own or rent a place in a big city, chances are you are no stranger to small spaces. What apartments in cities like New York City offer in location, they usually lack in living space. But there is no need for you to feel cluttered and claustrophobic just because your place’s total square footage isn’t anything extraordinary. Follow these few tips on how to make a miniature space feel 10 times its size.


Lots of light

In both color choices and lighting options! Painting light colors on walls helps to open the space up and feel more spacious. You are less likely to feel super cluttered. Natural light also expands a room’s feel. Utilize all the window space you can, and if not, consider some wall lights or a small ceiling fixture to help enlighten your space.


Glass and Reflections

Utilize glass décor and mirrors to trick your mind into thinking there is more space in a room than actually exists. Mirrors, specifically floor to ceiling mirrors, cast the illusion that there is more to a room than originally meets the eye. They also allow the light in the room to bounce back and forth. Try glass side tables and other transparent furniture to also prevent rooms from feeling overcrowded.


Think Vertically

When decorating and creating storage space, remember that a room has 8 corners, not 4. Rather than stacking putting in large storage units, consider mounting shelves or hooks to store items. It adds levels to the room and helps break up walls so there is more to look at, thus, creating the sense of space. Make the walls your canvas and decorate vertically!

Enjoy your small, spacious apartment with these tips to help you expand!

This article was contributed by PaintZen, New York City’s go-to service for stress-free painting.