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Kansas City Food Trucks

When most people picture food trucks they think of New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Well, if you are moving to Kansas City then you are in for one huge surprise. There are plenty of fantastic food trucks bringing trendy and tasty eats to the city’s streets. Lately, it seems as though new trucks are popping up every week.

One thing you want to do for sure is following your favorite trucks on Twitter. Most will tweet where they are parked every day so you know exactly where to find whatever you happen to be craving. Below are a few of the popular favorites that locals recommend.



You might assume by the name that you have to be a pork lover to flock to Pigwich, but this is absolutely not the case. In fact, this food truck is known for their burgers and Philly cheesesteaks. Of course, some people stand in line just to get their hands on an order of homemade fries. You will also appreciate the fresh baguette the sandwiches come on, and they manage to offer the perfect meat to bread ratio every time.


Indios Carbonsitos MexiQ Food Truck

This is a three-meal food truck and you do not want to miss their breakfast burritos. You will actually find a pretty extensive menu, which includes tamales, quesadillas, barbecue nachos, brisket burgers, and so much more. Be warned they give you a healthy and sloppy serving so if you are wearing a white dress shirt and trying to devour pulled pork sandwich on your lunch hour, you may need a bib.


The Good You

If you are craving sliders or a seriously juicy burger, this is where you go. They also have a sweet potato burrito that will make your taste buds dance. This is one of the most established food trucks in Kansas City, and Chef Danielle has earned herself a fantastic reputation.



Coffee, smoothies, cakes, muffins, and cupcakes make this a popular stop all day long. Whether you need breakfast, mid-afternoon snack, or dessert after dinner, you will find something tempting here worth making the trip for.


Gary’s On the Go BBQ

This truck is typically only available for lunch, so you want to make a point to plan ahead so you can grab a bite on your lunch hour one day when he is parked near you. The BBQ beef that comes with BBQ beans and fries is highly recommended. The portions are huge too!


Gyro Express

Are you craving a gyro loaded with a ton of goodies?  Not only will you find perfectly seasoned lamb here, you will appreciate the affordable pricing. They also make a killer falafel sandwich that is served with heavenly sauce.


Cecilia’s On the River

Food from a truck does not have to be heavy and fattening. Cecilia’s on the Run proves this with all their affordable, local, healthy, and organic food options. Of course, there is delicious dessert here for those days when you are not counting calories.


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