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Interesting Cuisine in Jacksonville, FL

After your Jacksonville movers leave, and you do a little unpacking, you may want to reward yourself with a mouthwatering dinner from one of the many fantastic restaurants you will find here. Chances are good that you might want to try something a little different than what you usually eat. After all, this city is known for its interesting cuisine by both locals and tourists, so you may as well step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

  • Clark’s Fish CampFox News voted this venue as the #1 Reason to Visit Jacksonville. Not only is the environment laid back and comfortable, the establishment is known for its great seafood options as well as its selection of exotic meat. Just a few of the many adventurous eats you can order here include kangaroo or ostrich sausage, fried or chargrilled crocodile, gator eggs or toes, smoked eel, fried turtle, charred antelope, fried snake and shark bites. Of course, they have plenty of oysters, crab and crawfish too!
  • Matthew’s Restaurant – If you don’t mind putting on a tie and reaching a little further into your pocket, Matthew’s Restaurant offers an unforgettable fine dining experience with a few surprises on the menu. The selection of caviar will start the meal right, and then you may want to try octopus, marrow, veal or lamb shank.
  • India’s Restaurant – If you love Indian food, you will find yourself visiting this venue a lot. It is affordable and authentic and the owners and staff are friendly. They have a ton of vegetarian offerings, and they even offer a buffet with a little of everything.
  • The River Club – From escargot to duck to venison, this fine dining restaurant offers a little something for everyone. They also have a few more common selections that are considered their signature selections, including Crab Imperial, Sea Bass, Parmesan Salmon, Tenderloin Medallions and their famous She Crab Soup.
  • Osaka Grill Sushi Buffet – This place can get very busy, and there are always exciting items in the buffet. While you might expect to only be offered sushi here, you will find frog legs, duck, Chinese BBQ ribs, oysters and crab legs.
  • 13Gypsies – This venue offers a refreshing experience that will have you coming back for more. Where else are you going to find Pan-seared Cheese with Roasted Red Pepper, Warm Crab Dip, Roman-style Gnocchi and Pork Kabobs all in one place? 13Gypsies also happens to have the best hummus you will ever taste in your life!
  • bb’s – This may be just a simple American restaurant, but there is a good chance your Jacksonville movers will recommend it because it is just a cool place to be. Aside from the chill vibe, the menu is quite diverse. A few recommended picks include Duck Confit Wonton, White Truffle Pizza and the Crispy Crabcake Sandwich. Of course, what bb’s is really well-known for is the amazing desserts they make in-house. Cakes can be purchased whole or by the slice, and you simply must try their Oreo Mousse Cake, Banana’s Foster Cheesecake, Peppermint Pattie Cake and Rocky Road, which happens to be gluten-free!