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How to Move to Jacksonville

Jacksonville is as attractive to the young professional as it is to the retiree. This huge city has a little something for everyone, and it certainly does not hurt that it sees plenty of sunshine. There are more than 500 diverse neighborhoods, 377 parks, and countless museums, theaters, galleries, and attractions; it is safe to say that you will have no problem finding a home in your budget, as well as plenty of activities to enjoy every single day. Now you just need to get here!


Find a Job
You can either tackle the job market before you move, or save a little money to live on for a bit, and wait until you get here to start turning in resumes. Considering Jacksonville welcomes more than two million tourists annually, you could always get a job in hospitality or at one of the major attractions until you land your dream job.

This city has the South’s largest deep water port, plus plenty of job opportunities in biomedical technology, distribution, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and four Fortune 500 companies.

Find a Place to Live
If you can, put your belongings in storage, so you can take your time finding a place to live. You can always rent a room or stay in an extended stay hotel. This is the largest city in Florida, so you may want to wait and see where you will be working before you settle on an area. When you are ready, you can use unpakt.com to compare movers and hire a reputable company to get your belongings to you.

If you need to find a place right away, but you are looking for something cheap in a safe neighborhood, you will want to explore your options in Sandalwood, Loretto, Avondale, and Downtown.

Getting Around
The one flaw Jacksonville has is the lack of public transportation compared to other major cities. The exception is the downtown area, which is served by trolleys, buses, shuttles, and a short people mover. The rest of the city is served primarily by bus, so this may determine where you look for housing.

Examine School Districts
If you have children or if you are buying a home and see them in the near future then the schools may play a huge role in the neighborhood you choose. Duval Country Public Schools serve the area, many of which are national recognized. A few coveted ones include:

  • Elementary Schools – Bartram Springs, John Starkton, Loretto, Hendricks’s Avenue, Mandary Oaks
  • Middle Schools – Darnell Cookman, Kirby-Smith, Lavilla School of the Arts
  • High School – Mandarin, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, River City Science Academy, Paxon School for Advanced Studies

Plan Your Move
In many other cities, summer is the best time to plan a move; this is not the case in Jacksonville unless you are hiring movers. It can be pretty hot June through August, and even September offers averages in the high 80s. If you are planning to rent a truck and move yourself, you will want to think long and hard about a summer move.

Also, the main thoroughfares in the city, as well as the highways, can get very crowded during rush hour. So, if you are paying movers, you will want to plan the timing so they are not on the road during rush hour, unless you are paying a flat rate, then it might not matter. You will also want to keep in mind that the city hosts a ton of festivals and events. So, while you will love enjoying these fun celebrations after you move, you won’t if traffic is a mess on the weekend you choose to move because everyone is trying to get into the city.

Take Advantage of Happy Hour
There are a lot of free things to do and see all over the city. There also happens to be some very popular venues during happy hour where you can get cheap food and drinks, and meet some new people. A few popular picks include Elevated Avondale, Bahama Breeze, Intuition Ale Works, O’Brothers Irish Pub, and European Street Café.


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