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How Do I Choose a Storage Unit?

Choosing storage unit

Choosing the right storage facility is actually a larger decision than you might think it is. You may assume that you can simply go to any random storage facility near your current or future home because they are all pretty much the same. This is absolutely not true. All facilities are different, and since you will have your personal belongings there, a little thought should go into this decision. So, you probably are wondering what you should be looking for and things you need to consider when choosing one. This guide will help or check out Unpakt to choose a storage unit.


Check Reviews of Selected Facilities

Before you even waste your time (and gas!) driving to a storage place to check It out you should read some of the customer reviews that are available on the Internet. Besides, a facility can look nice when you stroll through, but that does not mean that customers have not had a bad experience there. Make sure that you actually read the reviews and not look just at the overall rating. Some people may feel the need to write a negative review because they were charged a late fee or lost all their belongings after several months of nonpayment. These circumstances should not be held against the facility. They agreed to the terms of the contract they signed. You should be looking for comments about security, failed climate control options, customer service, etc.


Climate Control

Unless you are storing something that will be unaffected by temperature changes you will want a climate-controlled storage unit. These units may cost a little more, but they keep your belongings at room temperature. Extreme hot or cold, as well as humidity, can ruin wood, electronics, appliances, and many other items. If the area is prone to power outages and you have a lot of sensitive items you will want to ask about the facility’s source of backup power.


Secure Access

Is the building equipped with security alarms and cameras? Is there a person always on staff while storage units are accessible? You want your belongings protected; buy you also want to feel safe when entering alone or in the dark.

You should also find out how each unit is secured shut. Who has access to the extra key to your unit? Are the keys able to be copied? If yes, then you have to worry about the person who had the unit before you still having a key. Can they guarantee a key isn’t floating around out there waiting to be used?


Gate Accessibility

You may want to consider looking for a facility that is open 24 hours a day, or at least one that offers extended hours. You might not think you will need anything from your unit, but when the time comes that you realize there is something packed away you will be a little irritated if you cannot access it when you want to. This could include your favorite black dress for a date or your camping gear for a spontaneous trip everyone decided to take at the last minute.

Once you’ve decided on a self-storage unit, find out how to pack your belongings to maximize the use of the available space and minimize the chances of damages.