Las Vegas

Hottest Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

You really have not experienced a nightclub until you have spent an evening dancing all night in one in Las Vegas. The clubs here are exquisite, and every aspect is carefully selected from the layout to the bar area to the furniture and décor. Here you will find some of the world’s most talented flair bartenders and certainly some of the most talented DJs around. When you visit this city you are at a disadvantage because you can only squeeze so many clubs in while you are here. If you move here then you will never have a hard time finding something to do. You can try out a different club every weekend for a very long time before you have to start the rotation over again.


XS Nightclub

The venue is huge and lavish. Don’t expect to find any seating unless you reserve a table or catch the eye of someone in VIP. The service is  phenomenal here, and servers will actually deliver your drink to the dance floor, which is mind-blowing considering many clubs won’t even allow drinks on the dance floor. There is an indoor and outdoor space, and the entire venue gets packed. There is a water fountain and even poles throughout to take a spin on.


Surrender Nightclub

You will need your platinum card here because drinks are pricy. The atmosphere is extremely posh, and although there are sparkling pools in the middle, they are only there for aesthetic purposes. If you have a large group, chip in and get a cabana; it will be well worth it. The sound system here is unreal! You can go anywhere in the club and enjoy crystal clear music at a consistent level, and although it is loud, it is not so loud that you have to read lips all night.


Tao Nightclub

Tao has been one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas for a long time. The only bad thing is that it gets severely packed. When you are shoulder-to-shoulder on the dance floor, you can’t help but want to move onto another club, unless you are not actually dancing, then you might love the sardine feel. You can almost always find a promoter to put you on the guest list to get in for free, so this is the best place to start your evening if you plan on club-hopping.


Tryst Nightclub

Although this club is smaller in size, Tryst has been around for a long time and is established as guaranteeing a good time. This is where people go who want to be seen, and there are almost always celebrities in the VIP sections. This is a classy place with a gorgeous waterfall behind the DJ. Like Tao, this place gets overcrowded which you will either love or hate. There are always top-notch DJs spinning here.


Encore Beach Club

Not all the hottest parties happen at night! Las Vegas is a 24/7 place, so if you have the day off or you are looking for something on the weekend to do during the day, head over to Encore Beach Club. There is a no splashing rule in the pool and it is strictly enforced. If you are a female, they offer a “Bottomless Mimosa” special on certain days. If you have a few friends get a daybed or cabana. USA Today labeled it the best “Adult Pool Party” in Las Vegas.

Party on and leave the moving to the professional movers in Las Vegas!