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Funniest Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas

After you live in Las Vegas for a while you will eventually need to take a break from the casino and Sin City nightclubs. At this point, you will begin to realize that this city actually does have more to offer than gambling and parties. If it is a weekend night, and you want to go out with friends or you have a date, consider one of the great comedy shows here. There are a ton of them, and they are a fantastic way to spend the evening. Of course, you can always laugh until your cheeks hurt at a show and then hit the club after if you are itching to dance.


Carrot Top

There are few people who don’t know who Carrot Top is. You can see one of this shows every week, and you will never be disappointed. You can find him in the Atrium Showroom at the Luxor, with his huge variety of props. He is great at getting the audience involved too. His rapid-fire one-liners are nothing short of brilliant, and tickets and drinks won’t put a huge dent in your budget.


The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Is there anything better than magic and comedy paired together? No way! He is charming, entertaining and will keep you mesmerized in disbelief while your sides ache from laughing. This is by far one of the best comedy shows you will see in Las Vegas. Although his magic certainly is not up to Penn and Teller standards, you are still guaranteed to become a huge fan.



The show combines circus and comedy. However, unlike Mac King who has a show that is appropriate for children, Absinthe is not. If you are easily offended by raunchy comedy, don’t go. You will be blessed with sexual innuendos, curse words, racist jokes, and oiled up girls with pasties. Sounds like the ideal ingredients for a perfect evening, right?


Vinnie Favorito

Vinnie’s show can be found in the Flamingo, and he is just dynamic. He has no filter, and he does ridicule the audience. So, again, if you are easily offended then this is not the show for you. Either that or you will want to try to hide in the back so you don’t get picked on. He will poke fun at appearance, gender, race, age, profession, place of origin, etc., but it’s all in good fun.


The Improv at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Most people have very strong feelings toward this show; they love it or hate it. Some have the best night of their life while others just don’t get it. Also, there are rotating comedians here, so if you don’t have a laugh out loud experience one night, try it again another time. The club is swank, with an “old school” vibe. You can always find coupons for the show and there is no drink minimum, so you can have a very cheap night out. If you can catch a show with Nick Griffin or Don McEnery, they are the best.


After a night of laughter, party on at one these hottest night clubs in Las Vegas!