North Jersey

Fun Family Dining in North Jersey

Fun Family Dining in North Jersey

If you have children, then chances are good that one of your top priorities will be to find fun family dining establishments. This is especially true if you have absolutely no intentions of doing any hardcore grocery shopping or cooking for the first week. You can ask your North Jersey movers for a few recommendations, but if they don’t have kids themselves, they likely will not know about all the hidden gems.


Joe’s Crab Shack

This chain restaurant is fun for the whole family!  This is a place where kids can have fun cracking open crab legs and parents do not have to worry about them making a mess. Every now and then all the servers stop what they are doing and come out to entertain with a little song and dance, and they always have apparel in their store with fun phrases on them


Rainforest Café

This is one of the most unique restaurants around and certainly one of the most popular with the kids. Children enjoy their meal in a setting that mimics a rainforest. There are trees inside with vines that travel throughout the entire restaurant, and there are even a massive fish tank and life-size animal figures scattered around. This is a favorite location for themed birthday parties too; just a little information you may want to keep in the back of your mind.


Medieval Times

This is just a magical place for both kids and adults! Medieval Times is located in the Lyndhurst Castle. It is full of old swords, shields and other weapons to look at when you first walk in. Then, children are seated right in an arena where they watch a jousting tournament between knights. After the show, they get to indulge in Medieval food like soup in a bread bowl and giant turkey legs.


The Circus Drive-In

This is the only car-hop drive-in left in all of New Jersey. They were established in 1954 and have not lost their excitement over all these years. If you prefer to not sit in your car, there is actually a dining room inside that has a fun circus vibe. Although they have hamburgers, hot dogs, and other kid favorites, it is their extravagant desserts that everyone in the family will look forward to.


Chuck E. Cheese

Who doesn’t love Chuck E. Cheese? This restaurant to children is what a secluded tropical island is to adults; pure paradise, but on two entirely different levels. If you have never been inside one of these restaurants, prepare to be dazzled, even adults can’t help but have fun. They have games, rides and even high-tech simulators. One of the great things about Chuck E. Cheese is that the game rooms are set up by age so everyone is comfortable. Older kids do not have to be bothered by toddlers and toddlers can have fun without worrying about getting knocked over.


Johnny Rockets

Even if your North Jersey movers don’t have kids, they can probably still point you in the direction of a Johnny Rockets, as this is an adult favorite too. A 1950s atmosphere complements their fun menu, which is filled with burgers, shakes, and floats.