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Find Fresh Moving Supplies in Houston

It does not matter where you live in Houston, you won’t have a hard time finding moving boxes. Some people make the huge mistake of going to a moving truck rental place and purchasing bundles of boxes. This is a huge waste of money. Below are a few places where you can pick these moving essentials up for free.



Bars and Restaurants
Houston is a haven for foodies and known for its electric nightlife, so the endless supply of bars and restaurants are perfect places to grab boxes. Bottles of liquor are delivered in extremely strong boxes, plus those that are used for produce, condiments, etc., in restaurants are quite supportive, as well. Do make sure you don’t take any boxes soiled or wet from food. Lettuce leaves are okay, blood from a meat delivery definitely is not. So, if a place like Pappas Bros Steakhouse in the Galleria neighborhood is on your list, stop and ask for boxes, but check them well.

Liquor Stores
Finding a liquor store in Houston is not hard. Just stop in and ask when their next shipment arrives, and if you can come back for the boxes. They might even have some stacked by the backdoor, waiting for the garbage truck. If you need a lot of boxes to move a large house, driving to Spec’s Liquor Warehouse in the Fourth Ward may be worth your while.

Head over to Barnes & Noble in Montrose or West University, and pick up boxes there. No one has to tell you how heavy books are, so just imagine how supportive the boxes are they get delivered in. You might want to call ahead of time to see when the next shipment arrives. Most bookstores only receive shipments once a week.

Office Supply Store
There is Staples in Chinatown and The Heights, as well as an Office Depot in Upper Kirby and Pine Valley that are typically pretty busy, so they likely get a lot of boxes per shipment. You don’t have to stick with these locations though; there are plenty of office supply stores throughout Houston. The boxes for copy paper are the best, as they have handles and lids.

There is a Walgreens or CVS on nearly every corner in this city. They may not have a ton of super supportive boxes, but these are great places to run into if you are in the middle of packing and find you didn’t gather enough boxes to begin with.

Home Improvement Stores
Home Depot and Lowes can both be great places to go, but finding an employee to actually help you can sometimes be challenging. You will often have an easier time getting what you need at one of the smaller stores. C&D Hardware in The Heights, New Living in West University, and Builder’s Surplus in Fairbanks are a few recommendations.

Grocery Stores
One of the great things about living in Houston is there are grocery stores in or near every neighborhood. So, you don’t have to go far to find one. If you need a large supply of boxes, Central Market in Highland Village may be your best bet.


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