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Donating Furniture? Charity Organization that Will Pick Up Your Stuff

Sometimes, the best way to deal with moving furniture to your new place is to not move it at all. It is always nice to buy new things after you move. Of course, there are times you really do not want to part with certain items, but they may not fit in your new home, or you are making a long distance move and it will cost too much to have the long distance movers deal with them. Whatever the case is, donating furniture is a great solution and there are a number of charities all over the country that will happily take these furnishings off your hands.

Before you say you do not want to deal with a charity, and it is easier to just stick it by the curb, you should know that your donation of furniture could make a huge impact on someone’s life. That old sofa may be uncomfortable to you, but to a former abuse victim, homeless person, or a struggling family, it could be the nicest thing they have ever sat or slept on. You may also be saying that you do not have a truck, so you have no way to get the item to the charity. Well, you might be interested in learning that there are plenty of charities across the country will come pick up your donation items from you. All you need to do is make the call.



Disabled individuals and those with minimal education or job experience can be empowered to earn a decent living with Goodwill. This charity is more than a century old and provides free job training as well as employment placement. This all amounts to stronger communities. Items you donate help in two ways. First, individuals can purchase furniture at a Goodwill store they may not otherwise be able to afford. Second, the money earned through sales helps fund job training and community-based programs. There are more than 2,700 donation locations in North America and the vast majority has a truck. All you have to do is use the Goodwill Locator on the site to find one near you, and call and ask if they can schedule a pickup.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army

With more than 7,000 locations in the United States, chances are pretty good there is one near you. Even if the center by you doesn’t have a store, it will still pick up furniture. If there is not a family on their list in need of the item you are donating, the driver will take it to the closest store. This religious organization reaches out to drug addicts, at-risk youth, the elderly, victims of human trafficking, and natural disaster victims. It also provides meals and gifts to families in need around the holidays.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity helps make decent and affordable living a reality. The charity has ReStores, which sells furniture, appliances, and building materials to the public. Sales fund the homes the organization builds and repairs. Donation pickup is offered once a week. You simply need to call the location closest to you to schedule your items to be picked up.

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Vietnam Veterans of America

The Vietnam Veterans of America organization is dedicated to ensuring that all U.S. military vets receive quality healthcare. The charity operates thrift stores across the county and will happily accept just about any gently used items you are getting rid of. Find the office near you, and schedule a pickup. If you cannot be home the day of the pickup, you can move the item somewhere visible outside (weather permitting), and the driver will even leave you a donation receipt.


Hope Services

Hope Services strives to change the lives of people with developmental and learning disorders. There are a number of different programs for children, adults, and the elderly that range from providing assistance with daily personal hygiene tasks to providing an education to operating health-related programs. This is a California-based charity only.



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