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8 Steps to Moving Out for the First Time

Moving out for the first time is an emotional rollercoaster that twists ruthlessly between joy and horror, massive excitement and deep anxiety. It’s all good when you’re thinking of having no one around to tell you what to do, but then thoughts like ‘Where do I buy light bulbs’ and

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Top 5 Ways to Break a Lease

There are a number of reasons why you might want to break a lease on an apartment. In some cases, the law is on your side- for example, when enlisting for military duty, fleeing domestic abuse or moving to a retirement home. But what about all the other sound reasons

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When is the Right Time to Move from Your Studio?

Moving into your own studio apartment can be so liberating. It’s all yours! When you clean, it stays clean, and when you come home you don’t have to be worried about waking up your housemates (or parents!) You know that at some point it is time to upgrade to a

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What Happens If My Movers Break My TV?

Everything is going along smoothly on moving day until it’s not, and one of the mover’s trips and drops something — like your TV. Your movers, of course, have the same intentions you do: get everything transported safely and securely into your house, making you a happy customer. If you

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Which is Better for Me to Hire Movers: Hourly vs. Flat Rate?

When you start the process of hiring a mover, you may not anticipate that there would be so many options. Full-service moving or only pickup and delivery? Buy packing materials from the company, or crowdsource yourself? Lastly, do you choose a flat-rate pricing option or go for hourly? The option

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How to Make Sure Price Doesn’t Change on Move Day

It seems there is no such thing as “standard business procedure” anymore, even in a straightforward-seeming industry like moving. That leaves the customer responsible for asking as many questions as possible and being entirely clear on what costs are covered and what the agreed-upon price includes, or else be surprised

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How to Avoid Low-Ball Estimates from Moving Companies

When you request an estimate from a moving company, you hope that you can use it to accurately budget your move. Unfortunately, some moving companies will offer you low-ball estimates to get you in the door — and then the price suddenly increases one they begin work. An estimate is

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How to Avoid Hidden Fees from Moving Companies

You’re a diligent planner – you have laid out your timeline, hired the movers, and you’ve created your budget. You even accounted for any potential costs you might have missed, like packing materials, long-carry charges, and fees for heavy items (if you haven’t, read this blog post!). Unfortunately there are

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Top 7 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

When you are calculating the cost of moving, you likely considered all of the most obvious expenses: the moving company, the deposit on a new apartment, some new furniture, and probably some cleaning made the budget. But what about packing boxes? Moving your belongings requires that you use sturdy boxes

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