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Awesome Biking Trails and Paths in L.A.

Biking Trails and Paths in L.A.

It is no big secret that Los Angeles is an extremely bike-friendly city. Not only is it common for locals to commute to work, but biking is also a favorite activity by many people to simply stay in shape, improve their health and drink in the fresh air and sunshine. If your LA movers enjoy being outdoors and staying active, they may be able to point you in the direction of at least one nearby bike trail. If not, below is a list of trails that you will want to check out. Some are quite popular and busy while others will offer a nice quiet setting for a peaceful ride.


San Gabriel River Mid Trail

This 12-mile portion of the river trail runs to Lakewood from the Whittier Narrow Dam. This is a flat and fairly easy path. You will pass by several cute parks and diverse neighborhoods. It is a nice path for an afternoon ride, but not necessarily recommended for those night riders. There are plenty of bike bridges available if you need to crossover too.


Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area

The entire perimeter is about a 9-mile bike ride. It is flat and easy, and travels around the recreation area, so you are pretty much surrounded by lush greenery for the entire ride.  You are also close to restrooms, picnic tables, and other amenities. There are snack wagons near the lake area on the weekend so that this portion can get a little congested too. Otherwise, the ride is pretty quiet


South Bay

Can you think of a better place to bike than along the beach? This 22-mile beach trail creates a curving path to the Marina Del Ray from Palos Verdes North. When you hit the King Harbor, you may need to dismount and walk your bike, depending on the time of day, as this shopping area can get busy. Plus, you may get a ticket, if you don’t.  Just pay attention to the bike signs. Otherwise, it is a great ride. There is plenty of repair shops, snack stands, and restrooms along the way.


Coyote Creek Bicycle Path

This 9.5-mile path runs adjacent to Coyote Creek. It starts in Santa Fe Springs and extends to Long Beach, where it meets up with the trail bridge of the San Gabriel River bicycle path. So, essentially, you can jump from one path to the other.


San Gabriel River Bicycle Path

This path loops with several others to create a 61-mile long loop. There are a ton of places to park to jump on the trail, or you can enter at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. This path is frequently swept, and there are some really pretty areas to enjoy.


Marvin Braude Bike Trail

This paved path mostly runs along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, so expect to indulge in great views and gorgeous breezes. It begins at Will Rogers State Beach and goes through Santa Monica State Beach. Even if your NYC movers don’t know where this 22-mile path is, there is a good chance that they can at least tell you how to get to the beach!

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