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For Moving Companies: How to Avoid Cancellations

When that customer is on the books, it’s time to celebrate. Right? Most of the time, yes — but if your company is like most others, 7-12% of confirmed customers will cancel before moving day. What can you do to increase customer retention? Make your customer invested in their move

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How to Make Your Home Design Pet-Friendly

Decorating your home is a fun, creative, and expressive process of putting yourself into your living space — but what about the furry members of your family? When laying out and decorating your home, there are some key elements that you can slightly alter or improve to make your home

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How to Move with Special-Needs Children

Change is difficult for all of us — but for special needs children, a transition like moving to a new country can create significant upheaval and challenge. For most children, routine and sameness are helpful and grounding forces in their lives, and this is especially true of children with special

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How to Build a Flowered Terrace in One Week in Your Studio

Whether you’re a city dweller or you’re renting and don’t have permission to tear up the yard, your lack of fertile ground doesn’t have to mean the end of your gardening dreams. If you have a balcony, patio, or even some nice windowsills, you can turn small spaces into beautiful

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How to Make a Family Budget Work Better

Let’s be honest: there are about a hundred things you’d rather do with your family than create a household budget. Those things include housecleaning, math homework, and a whole lot of other things — but having a household budget and sticking to it are critical elements of keeping your family

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How to Make Sure Price Doesn’t Change on Move Day

It seems there is no such thing as “standard business procedure” anymore, even in a straightforward-seeming industry like moving. That leaves the customer responsible for asking as many questions as possible and being entirely clear on what costs are covered and what the agreed-upon price includes, or else be surprised

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How to Avoid Low-Ball Estimates from Moving Companies

When you request an estimate from a moving company, you hope that you can use it to accurately budget your move. Unfortunately, some moving companies will offer you low-ball estimates to get you in the door — and then the price suddenly increases one they begin work. An estimate is

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How to Avoid Hidden Fees from Moving Companies

You’re a diligent planner – you have laid out your timeline, hired the movers, and you’ve created your budget. You even accounted for any potential costs you might have missed, like packing materials, long-carry charges, and fees for heavy items (if you haven’t, read this blog post!). Unfortunately there are

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How to Move House Plants

So you’re getting ready to move to a new apartment across town. You’ve scored the most amazing new space with tons of window space for maximum daylight, and you can’t wait to get all of your plants set up to thrive. But… How will you get them all there safely?

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