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9 Awesome Brooklyn Food Trucks

Anyone can move to this borough, drive around and find a great restaurant. However, if you really want some fantastic food that you won’t find in a traditional restaurant, you will want to know which food trucks to go to. Chances are good that your Brooklyn movers can tell you where to go on any given day to find at least a few of the food trucks below.


  1. Phil’s Steaks

    If you want an authentic Philly cheese steak, this is where you go. They have 6 and 10-inch sandwiches, with an array of toppings and for dessert, make sure that you grab a freshly made pretzel. Add on their famous Route 11 Potato Chips, and you can consume your weekly dose of carbohydrates in one sitting.


  1. Brooklyn Popcorn

    Started out by friends who are native New Yorkers, it became what is the first gourmet popcorn truck in the world. They whip up flavors like BBQ, White Cheddar, Coconut Caramel, along with classics like caramel and cheese. They now have over 16 delightful and lip-smacking flavors for you to munch on ‘till your heart is content.


  1. Kimchi Taco Truck

    This truck has tacos for everyone, even vegetarians, as their Falafel Kimchi Taco is a top seller. They travel all over NYC but are only in Brooklyn on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm at Prospect Park. Expect a line!


  1. Red Hook Lobster Pound

    Lobster from a truck; do you dare? Well, traditionally, one would recommend indulging in this delicious shellfish at a fine restaurant, but this truck brings seafood right from Maine to Brooklyn. You can get everything from a Lobster BLT to a Lobster Mac and Cheese.


  1. Korilla BBQ

    Everyone from the East to the West Coast has heard of Korilla BBQ from their participation in The Great Food Truck Race. Choose a bowl, burrito or taco with pork, chicken, rib eye or tofu. They use organic vegetables and high-quality ingredients to make the fiercest eats on the streets.


  1. Wafels and Dinges

    Although the Belgian truck is traditionally in Manhattan, it makes its Brooklyn visit on Saturday at Park Slope at Carroll Street and Seventh Avenue. Pulled pork sandwiches and waffles topped with ice cream are what you will find here.


  1. Pizza Moto

    Despite the fact that pizza joints are a dime a dozen in Brooklyn, you will understand why people line up at this truck with your fist bite. Neapolitan pizzas the size of paper plates topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella! The crust is lightly charred to perfection in the portable wood brick oven.


  1. Coney Shack

    It began in the deep corners of Coney Island, Brooklyn. This amazing food truck fuses up Southeast Asian flavors with Mexican and American dishes. Find them near the Coney Island Aquarium and pick up some specialty tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and hot dogs.


  1. La Bella Torte

    When they say that they are taking over the world with one cannoli at a time, they are not kidding. Cannolis are not all they do, though. Ask your Brooklyn movers about this food truck; everyone knows that they also have some of the best cake truffles and tiramisus around!



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