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7 Tips to Organize Your Home

This time you are going to get everything organized from the beginning, right? This is probably what you are saying anyway. One of the greatest things about knowing that you are booking NYC movers is knowing that you have the opportunity to start over fresh with a clean slate. There is nothing quite like being organized from the start. That being said, these tips can always be tweaked to organize your home even if you are not moving.


  1. Get Rid of Clutter

    Before you even move, you need to go through everything and get rid of what you don’t use or need. Now is a good time to have a yard sale or make a nice donation. The more clutter you have, the harder it is to be organized. Items that are still in boxes in your basement from the last move are at the top of the list. It is time to let them go.


  1. Plan Your Kitchen

    This is a room that often becomes the most chaotic. It does not take much for a kitchen to become unorganized. This space should make your life easier and more enjoyable, not make you want to pull your hair out every time you are forced to cook a meal. Before you start unpacking, plan out what is going to go in every cupboard and in the pantry. Otherwise, you will end up throwing a lot of odds and ends everywhere.


  1. Make Use of Storage Solutions

    One can never have enough storage solutions in a home. From drawer organizers to Rubbermaid to decorative boxes to ottomans that open up, investing in these items will ensure that everything has a home. This will eliminate items being left out, causing the home to look cluttered.


  1. Labels Are Your Friend

    If you want to buy a label maker, you will find it is a worthwhile investment, especially if you have children. Otherwise, you can use a pen and blank stickers to make your own. Label everything and there will never be any question as to where anything goes.


  1. Don’t Start a Junk Room

    Many people get it in their mind that a spare room can just be used for odds and ends. While this is fine, but there should still be some organization to it. You still want to use storage containers and make a point to put things away. If you don’t have a spare room, a basement or garage can be used the same way to eliminate some of the unnecessary belongings in the house.


  1. Filing System

    Whether you have a home office or not, everyone needs a filing system. The system must be easy to use. The easier it is the more likely you are to put bills, vet papers, insurance information,  etc., where it goes. This will eliminate the paper monster from growing on the kitchen table or top of the fridge, and will ensure valuable documents don’t get lost, ruined or thrown away.


  1. Don’t Leave it Till Later

    From the time the NYC movers leave, make sure that everyone in the home knows that the new rule is to pick up as you go. Leaving something out that you will put away later often become a permanent fixture until no one really notices it anymore. Coats do not get dropped at the door and water glasses will not be left to accumulate on nightstands.



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