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7 International Quick Bites in Flatbush

While predominantly African American and West Indian, Flatbush also has dozens of other ethnically diverse groups living within its borders.  All of this cultural infusion leads to a delightfully global culinary experience.

You do not have to consider yourself to be a foodie to appreciate the vast number of establishments you can grab a quick bite to eat at. These are not your typical quick bites either! You will find the diversity of food available in the Flatbush area to be beyond satisfying. If you are looking for a place to move in New York City, you may find yourself looking for Brooklyn movers after you see this list.


Island Burger
915 Utica Ave.

While you will find your typical beef burgers with a creative medley of toppings, but that is not all you will find! Island Burger carries an array of exotic burgers from chicken to shark to salmon. They even have a veggie burger. The menu is small, with only a few sides, and they offer free delivery in the area.

Joy Indian Restaurant
301 Flatbush Ave.

Some people say that this is where you will find the best Indian food in all of New York. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Baingan Bhurtae are extremely popular dishes. The restaurant is nothing fancy by any means, but the service is welcoming and fun. Bollywood movies are always playing on the television for that added touch, and all meals come with sorbet for dessert as well.

Defonte’s Sandwich Shop
379 Columbia St.

You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Takeout is available, and you must try the potato and egg sandwich at least once. They have cold and hot sandwiches; all are made from scratch with meats being cooked in house. Other popular favorites include the Sinatra Special, Nicky Special and The Jerry Lewis.

Momfuku Mik Bar
382 Metropolitan Ave.

Did somebody say dessert? Well, they will be screaming for dessert after one bite of their compost cookie! They use all natural and organic ingredients and although they are primarily known to satisfy the sweet tooth, they do actually have “real” food available too. Be sure to try Crack Pie too!

Joe’s Pizza
137 Seventh Ave.

Sometimes, nothing satisfies quite like a pizza. Their signature dish is Margherita Pizza, but don’t be afraid to try their subs too! Joe’s delivers in the area!

Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches
311 Atlantic Ave.

This little mom and pop restaurant offers amazing food, a ton of love and very little seating. Most people take out or order delivery. The menu is quite small, but if you enjoy a good classic Vietnamese sandwich made with roasted ground pork and Vietnamese ham, this is the place for you!

251 Smith St.

If you are moving to the area and you ask your Brooklyn movers where you should eat, there is a good chance that they will recommend Oaxaca. It is a simple family restaurant with some of the best Mexican food you will find. They are well known in the area for their delicious Fish Tacos with Beans and Rice and their Korean BBQ Tacos. Whenever possible, they purchase the ingredients for their dishes from local, sustainable and organic sources, and all of their sauces and salsas are made from scratch.

Flatbush food varies in character…almost as much as the housing.  From apartments to rowhouses to brownstones, visiting this nabe should be a must for any New York City resident.

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