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5 Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing Your Bathroom

Especially if you’re sharing a bathroom with someone else, storage can be a big headache. Toilet paper, cleaning products, lotions, soaps, medicine, toothbrushes — there’s a whole lot to store in what’s typically a pretty small space. So the question is, how do you keep your bathroom from looking like a mess? Read on for a few genius tips that will help transform your bathroom into a clutter-free, organized space.


  1. Baskets are your friend

    Seems simple, right? All you need to do is find the right size basket for what you want to store and mount some baskets to the wall. Baskets can also go under the vanity or on a shelf. You can store washcloths, towels, makeup, and even hair dryers in these functional but eye-catching contraptions.


  1. Divide up those drawers

    Use drawer dividers, just like the kind you use in the kitchen for silverware, to organize small things in your bathroom drawers. Makeup, brushes, and lotions can be kept here. This not only declutters your bathroom but will streamline your morning routine, so everything’s easy to find.


  1. Utilize the space above the toilet

    Even if you already have a cabinet installed above the commode, there’s likely still a bit of space in there where you could install a shelf or two. Use these shelves to store a few rolls of toilet paper as well as simple containers to hold everyday essentials like cotton balls or swabs.


  1. Stylish and functional towel storage

    Towel ladders provide lots of room to hang towels, can be any finish or color you desire, and they just look way cooler and add so much more character than hooks or bars.


  1. Magnets

    Insane Clown Posse once thoughtfully asked, “Magnets, how do they work?” While I have no idea what the answer is, I do know that magnets just plain work well when it comes to small-space storage. Add a sheet of galvanized steel to the back of your medicine cabinet or mount it on the wall inside a frame. Find a few magnetic hooks or affix small containers with magnetic bottoms and you have instant storage.

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By Kristin Hillery